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SAME Awards and Recognition Program
Each year, SAME presents awards to individuals and organizations from the uniformed services and the private sector in recognition of achievement in support of the engineering profession, the nation’s national security objectives and the SAME Strategic Plan. Members of our post are regular recipients of these awards.This year’s nomination process is underway, with nominations due to our Awards Committee by the 9th of January. Awards received by this date will be reviewed by the Awards Committee who will forward finalists to the Post President for nomination to SAME Headquarters. See more information on the SAME Awards Page. If you have any questions, or to submit a nomination, contact our Awards Committee Chair, Jim Wink at jim.wink@winkconsulting.net or 619-206-8850.Bliss Medal – For excellence in education and student mentoringFraser Award – For engineering excellence and leadership by a USMA First Class CadetBrownMentoring Award – For outstanding mentoring efforts by a SAME FellowGoethals – For preeminence in engineering, design, or constructionMorris Sustaining Member (Large) – For eminant contributions to SAME by a Sustaining MemberOrganization Smith NCO Medal – For outstanding leadership and contributions to military engineeringPost Service Medal – For significant and faithful service to SAME at the Post LevelPost Small Business Liaison Award – For eminent and notable contributions to small businessPresident’s Medal – For outstanding SAME leadership and accomplishmentPublic Agency Award – For eminent contributions to SAME by a Public Agency MemberFlowers SB Award – For eminent contributions to SAME by a SB Sustaining MemberGreenfield Sustaining Member (Medium) – For eminent contributinos to SAME by a Sustaining Member Organization

Student Leadership Medal – For outstanding leadership in support of student professional development, mentoring and SAME Mission

Sustainability Award – For outstanding efforts to meet the goals for EO 13514

Sverdrup Medal – For engineering leadership by a uniformed YM

Technology Advancement – For initiative in the advancement of transfer of technology

Toulmin Medal – For most outstanding article written for TME by a SAME member

Tudor Medal – For engineering leadership by a civilian YM

Urbahn Medal – For Preeminence in architecture

Bachus Gold Medal – For SAME Lifetime Achievement

YM Medal – For outstanding leadership and accomplishments in support of the SAME mission.